The BS5153 Ductile IronMetal Seat swing check valve is onekind of Non Return Valve of waterworks valves. It allows the fluid to flow only in the desired direction. Thedesign of check valve is such that any flow or pressure in the oppositedirection is mechanically restricted from occurring.

TheBS5153 Ductile Iron Metal Seat Swing Check is used to prevent backflow offluid, which could damage equipment or upset the process. The BS5153 gunmetalseat swing check valve is especially useful in protecting a pump in liquidapplications or a compressor in gas applications from backflow when the pump orcompressor is shut down. The non return Swing check valve with lever and weightis also applied in process systems that have varying pressures, which must bekept separate.

The RSFBS5153 ductile iron metal seat swing check valves are installed on pipeline ofpump outlet for prevent the media reflow and the pressure rise overlarge (waterhammer) which caused by reflow closing. Our check valve with hydraulic damperis one kind of water works valves which is widely used in water pipe system.

As wellas the BS5153 Ductile Iron Metal Seat Swing Check Valve, our non return valveseries products includes WaferCheck Valve, Double Check Valve, Ball Check Valve, tilting check valve, nozzle check valve, etc.


BasicDesign: BS5153

Face toFace: BS5153, DIN3202, ISO5752

Flange Ends:EN1092-2

PressureTest: EN12266-1 Rating A or B

Design Feature:

SwingCheck, Single Door, Double Doors, Multiple Doors

DoubleFlange Ends

BoltedCap, Lifting Eye Bolt

Metalto Metal Seat, Brass Seat, Bronze Seat, Gunmetal LG2 Seat

Size Range: 2"to 64" (DN50 to DN1600)

Pressure Class: PN6(0.6Mpa), PN10 (1Mpa), PN16 (1.6Mpa), PN25, Class 125, Class 150


Body:Ductile Iron GGG50, GGG40 EN-GJS 500-7, WCB, ASTM A536

HingePin: SS410, F304, F316, F304L, F316L

Seat:Bronze, Brass, Gunmetal LG2

Coating:Fusion Bonded Epoxy, RAL5005, RAL5015, Min. Thickness 300Micron


WithLever and Weight, WRAS Approved Resicoat R4

SingleDoor Check Valve, Multiple Door Check Valve, ball check valve

WithHydraulic Damper, Dual Plate Check Valve

ResilientSeat Check Valve